Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bart Hopkin, the Granddaddy of Musical Invention

What a great opportunity to become a contributor to this blog! Ben and Dave are some of the most creative and intelligent people I know and I am so happy every time I get a chance to work with them!

I thought I would start off my first entry by talking about the granddaddy of the modern experimental acoustic instrument movement, Bart Hopkin. Most notably he published a Zine for 14 years called the “Experimental Musical Instruments quarterly” starting in the mid 80’s. During this time he compiled descriptions of some of the most amazing and beautiful acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments being invented. A wonderful in-depth interview with Bart is located at the website New Music Box where Bart demonstrates some of his instruments and discusses the glory and the frustrations of inventing instruments. His website, windworld, is a great resource for the instrument inventor. It includes articles describing new instruments, some of Bart’s publications and recordings, and a catalog of hard to get things that inventors might be interested in. His links page is one of my favorite places to go when I have several hours to learn about other inventors out there.

--Erik Nugent
p.s. the video to the right is me, playing my 3-note didgeridoo

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