Friday, September 01, 2006

the ped-o-tron electronic music instrument

Here's a quick, fun, Friday afternoon project to get you in the inventmusic mood for the coming weekend. I received a free dance dance revolution (DDR) pad in the mail today from Kraft, as a part of a promotion they are running. It turns out that the pad is - electronically speaking - a USB joystick, so it was easy to connect it to pure-data and throw together a musical mapping for it in software. Watch the video to the right to see me attempt to hop out a recognizable melody on my new instrument.

I mapped each pad to a note from the C major scale, and the [select] pad in the upper left corner switches between sine wave and sawtooth wave output. Very basic, but good enough to try it out and realize that this instrument has the potential to get a person in shape by the time they reach even a intermediate skill level!

I also created a brief tutorial on how I built the instrument, here - and another video, showing the sawtooth-wave output is here.



Blogger Shawn said...

haha. Nice. I've never seen someone work so hard to produce such a simple melody. Oh wait, I'm forgetting what it takes to learn an instrument. I like the head-cam view. Was this because you had no tripod or because you wanted to give the viewer the full experience?

12:01 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

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