Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Build Day Update: September 23, 2006

The EMI/InventMusic crew had a successful build day last Saturday at the MIT Media Lab. Some of the highlights from the day included a demo of the AudioPint and Purejoy for Gypsy-Jazz virtuoso Stephane Wrembel. Stephane also play-tested Ben's Sustain Guitar, giving some interesting feedback about how he would use it if he had one. Dave finished laying out the circuit board for his Stream-O-Plex, a 4-channel capacitive sensing system with musical applications that will be unveiled in a few months. Joe Rothermich started down the road of building the looping pedal of the future by getting the Kraft Dancepad working in windows, and later in the weekend adapted the pad to work with the PureJoy software! The day concluded with a short PureJoy jam session, featuring Ben and Dave. See the video embedded in this post for some clips from their jam, and more of Ben rocking out here.


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