Monday, March 12, 2007

Invent Music on the radio :: 88.1 fm WMBR, Friday March 16th at 8PM

Dear AudioPint / PureJoy fans - I'll be performing live with the AudioPint and PureJoy this Friday evening, March 16 on MIT's Boston-area radio station WMBR (88.1fm) at 8PM.

The show is hosted by my good friend and sometimes musical-collaborator Jacob Eisenstein, and his co-conspirator Lily. You can find the Friday WMBR schedule here. Future archived recordings will show up on this page. The radio show is called cargo cult radio.

Tune in this Friday - it will be rocking, experimental and brain-stretching!

UPDATE: My photos from the radio show can be found here. And if you'd like to hear the archived recording from the show, it's here. (note that the recording starts with the last few minutes of the previous show, that had a fairly cantankerous caller on the air - that's not Cargo Cult Radio)


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