Thursday, March 15, 2007

Preparing for MIT Stata Center PureJoy / JamiOki opening

We were asked to install PureJoy+AudioPint and JamiOki in the MIT Stata Center for a week-long installation this month. The installation will be in the main lobby near Main St. and Vassar St., so it will be quite literally the first thing that visitors entering this famous building will see. It's an exciting venue to show these projects, and will give us a chance to observe a large number of people interacting with them.

I went over to Stata today to prepare the case (click here for a few photos). We will install in a large rolling wooden box with a frosted screen in the upper half, suitable for rear-projection. The setup will support four players, with a gamepad and headset microphone for each. The PureJoy functionality will let them sample, loop, and manipulate their own voice, and JamiOki will suggest structure for improvised group jams. Here are some pictures of the space that the installation will occupy.

The installation will be up and running for public use as follows:
dates: Monday 3/19 - Friday 3/23
times: 10AM-10PM (except Tuesday 3/20, when it will close at 5:30PM)

If you're in the area, do come over and give it a try!


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