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Invent Music: John Zorn Workshop

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

PureJoy-JamiOki + AudioPint Installation in Stata

The InventMusic interactive music kiosk is up and running this week in MIT's Stata Center! Our intrepid team of inventor/developers accomplished an incredible push to make this idea into reality. New features this time around include a raft of new JamiOki games, various background "metronome" loops for certain games, a generation-2 AudioPint powering the audio interaction, and full foot-pad control over game selection and pacing. A few more photos can be found here.

In addition to my own wooden-case mods and pure data interaction design, this effort depended on the game-design creativity of Ben Vigoda and Joe Rothermich and the killer application development chops of Shawn Hershey. Good job everyone!

The interaction will be available in the Stata Center main lobby (near Main St. and Vassar), today 3/21 through Friday 3/23. Come over and have a jam session!

This installation is funded (in part) by the Council for the Arts at MIT. We also thank Student Life Programs for their generous contribution. Finally, we thank VIA and the rest of the consortia sponsors of the MIT Media Lab.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Preparing for MIT Stata Center PureJoy / JamiOki opening

We were asked to install PureJoy+AudioPint and JamiOki in the MIT Stata Center for a week-long installation this month. The installation will be in the main lobby near Main St. and Vassar St., so it will be quite literally the first thing that visitors entering this famous building will see. It's an exciting venue to show these projects, and will give us a chance to observe a large number of people interacting with them.

I went over to Stata today to prepare the case (click here for a few photos). We will install in a large rolling wooden box with a frosted screen in the upper half, suitable for rear-projection. The setup will support four players, with a gamepad and headset microphone for each. The PureJoy functionality will let them sample, loop, and manipulate their own voice, and JamiOki will suggest structure for improvised group jams. Here are some pictures of the space that the installation will occupy.

The installation will be up and running for public use as follows:
dates: Monday 3/19 - Friday 3/23
times: 10AM-10PM (except Tuesday 3/20, when it will close at 5:30PM)

If you're in the area, do come over and give it a try!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Invent Music on the radio :: 88.1 fm WMBR, Friday March 16th at 8PM

Dear AudioPint / PureJoy fans - I'll be performing live with the AudioPint and PureJoy this Friday evening, March 16 on MIT's Boston-area radio station WMBR (88.1fm) at 8PM.

The show is hosted by my good friend and sometimes musical-collaborator Jacob Eisenstein, and his co-conspirator Lily. You can find the Friday WMBR schedule here. Future archived recordings will show up on this page. The radio show is called cargo cult radio.

Tune in this Friday - it will be rocking, experimental and brain-stretching!

UPDATE: My photos from the radio show can be found here. And if you'd like to hear the archived recording from the show, it's here. (note that the recording starts with the last few minutes of the previous show, that had a fairly cantankerous caller on the air - that's not Cargo Cult Radio)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Noise is Signal

Last night at MITERS (the MIT Electronic Research Society), I showed off the new-and-improved AudioPint! The event was called "Noise is Signal :: Invention Show+Tell", and it featured a bunch of the usual MITERS / East Campus / Senior House suspects from MIT. Lots of fun, good energy, and free pizza for everyone. Other presenters included Yael Macguire, showing how (with the help of RFID) he can read minds, and Alex Hornstein explaining how he's on the verge of achieving remote-control neon tetras (these are a type of pet fish).

The video is from my presentation of the AudioPint + the PureJoy expressive sampler / looper / manipulation interface. For my pictures of the event, click here.